The Hunted by Rachel Lee *Stephanie’s Review*



“Her story sets off a violent spark. His investigation puts them in the line of fire.”

Erin McKenna is the reporter who broke the huge fraud story on Mercator. Mercator is a huge mega corporation whose biggest clients are government arms contracts. Mercator is how being prosecuted on the fraud chargers and Erin is a star witness. But Mercator got it wrong. Erin is attacked and robbed after she testified. Unless….

Jerrod Westlake is the FBI agent making sure that Erin testifies. He arrives on the scene right after Erin is attacked. Jerrord’s been around long enough to realize that something isn’t on the up and up. If it was a simple burglary, why didn’t they take the TV and DVDs?

Erin is sitting on a huge story. Contract fraud was just the top of the iceberg for Mercator. The story is so huge, not many people know about it. One leak could be fatal to the story. Erin’s source is very cautious and for good reason because Mercator is sweetening foreign arms contracts with young girls.

Jerrod has a reputation for finding and rescuing lost and kidnapped children. After all, he has a debt to pay. Can Erin and Jerrod break through Mercator’s security to rescue the next “shipment” in time?

The Hunted grabs you from page 1 and only lets go when it wants to. This book is not for the faint of heart. I consider myself pretty open to authors’ using the shadier side of humanity to enhance their stories. There were a few parts to this book that really made me squirm and some where I just had to put the book down and come back to it. There were probably details I could have done without but they also made the villains that much more horrifying.

If you like a good shot of dark reality in your fiction, this was a great story. If you don’t like the real world butting into your escapism, pass on this one. As for me? I fall in between. I’ll read Rachel Lee again but I’ll wait until I’m in the mood for something grittier.

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