Ready by Lucy Monroe *Stephanie’s Review*



“They’re the good guys fighting the bad guys. They’ll get the job done – if the price is right and so is the case. Meet three sexy men who are READY, WILLING, and ABLE to go the distance – and together, are unstoppable…”

Lise Barton is an author on a deadline. She also has a lot more stress in her life than meeting her deadline. Lise has recently relocated from her family home in Texas to a lonely apartment complex in Seattle, Washington. She made the choice to move because her stalker threatened her family. If she moved away she could keep them safe. Lise didn’t tell her family why she was moving. She didn’t want them to worry.

Joshua Watt spent 6 years as an Army Ranger. When he didn’t re-up, he decided to become a mercenary with his Ranger buddies Hotwire and Nitro. (In case you’re wondering, Joshua’s nickname is Wolf.) His latest mission required that he extract a small boy from a jungle where he was being held for ransom. Joshua is going to spend Thanksgiving with his sister Bella (also Lise’s sister-in-law). Bella requests that Joshua pick up Lise first. Lise, of course, wasn’t going to go home and put her family at risk.

When Joshua reaches Lise’s apartment and almost looses his head to a poker iron, he demands an explanation. Lise tells him the whole story about her stalker, including the two police officials who wouldn’t investigate her complaint. Joshua instantly puts his team on the case and refuses to let Lise pay him.

Much of the book is based around Joshua and Lise finding Lise’s stalker. The bad guy wasn’t much of a surprise and from the first few snippets of story told from his point of view, he was easy to pin down. Not his exact identity but his personality and motive.

Well, I’ve checked around the web and it seems most people enjoyed this book. Obviously I was in a funk when I read this. Ready was filled with a lot of moments that made me roll my eyes and I thought that both main characters did some pretty stupid things. For me this book was working on a solid D until the ending which bumped it up to a C. I’m a sucker for a good ending. It appears I’m in the minority with my opinion of this book so I’m going to continue with this series and give book #2 a shot.

2 responses to “Ready by Lucy Monroe *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. I so agree with your review. I had high hopes for this series, but really didn't care for it. Actually, I thought this book was the best one in the series. I rated it 3.5 Stars.


    1. This book certainly didn’t do it for me. I’m hoping to give Lucy Monroe’s historical romance a go.


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