Hot on Her Heels by Susan Mallery *Stephanie’s Review*



For the past several years Garth Duncan has had one goal that he has worked day and night tirelessly for: take down the Titan family. Take them down one at a time and attack their weak spots. Garth lent Lexi $2 million dollars (anonymously of course) with the condition that it was callable with very little notice. He spread rumors and lies about the foundation that Sky runs. The foundation feeds hungry children in the United States. The rumors have no base in truth but to a non-profit organization it’s enough to dry up donations, support and have long time staff resign. Izzy was temporarily blinded in an explosion on the off-shore oil rig she worked on.

Dana Birch works for the Titanville police. Dana struck an unlikely friendship with Lexi in grade school and has been best friends with the sisters ever since. In fact, the Titan sisters are really the only family she has and no one hurts her family and gets away with it. Dana uses every legal channel she can and calls in every favor ever owed to her to try and put Garth Duncan behind bars. There are just a few issues.

All of Dana’s paperwork isn’t enough to keep Garth in jail. Izzy is just fine with that. Garth has told Izzy that he did not have anything to do with the explosion but owns up to everything else. It is then that Izzy decides she and her sisters should bring Garth into the family. She’ll love him into submission if she has to. Lexi and Skye aren’t so sure. They ask Dana to tail Garth and determine if he’s a lost cause or not.

Neither Garth nor Dana expect the instant fiery passion that seems to ignite with just one touch. Dana can’t forget why she’s tracking and spending time with Garth. Garth can’t give up his dream of revenge against Jed Titan. Dana is a deputy for a small town police department. Garth is a multi-million dollar business tycoon. Garth has tried to destroy the people that Dana loves. With so much working against them, how can any relationship last between them?

Out of The Lone Star Sisters series, Hot on Her Heels is my favorite. Mallery pens a beautiful story of redemption that seems impossible. She has cleverly set us up to take the fall. In the previous three entries we have been taught to hate Garth. We’ve seen him at his worst. In Hot on Her Heels, we see a man who is determined to get what he wants but realizes the cost might have been much higher than he originally thought. He has past hurts and he does have feelings. Dana is the perfect heroine for Garth. Their story is truly beautiful. Readers who haven’t read the first three books may not get the full feel of the redemption story. It is worth the time to sit down and catch up with the Titan girls.

Favorite Quote:
“Thanks, but I’ll be fine.”
She walked to the door, then faced him again. “It’s funny. That’s exactly what everyone thinks right before they fall.”
– Garth is telling Izzy not to worry about his heart.

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