Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas *Stephanie’s Review*

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Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas *Stephanie’s Review*Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas
Also by this author: Secrets of a Summer Night
Series: Wallflowers #4
Also in this series: A Wallflower Christmas, Secrets of a Summer Night
Published by Avon
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance, Historical
Pages: 374
Format: Paperback
Read in: May 2010
Source: Personal Collection
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After spending three London seasons searching for a husband, Daisy Bowman's father has told her in no uncertain terms that she must find a husband. Now. And if Daisy can't snare an appropriate suitor, she will marry the man he chooses—the ruthless and aloof Matthew Swift.

Daisy is horrified. A Bowman never admits defeat, and she decides to do whatever it takes to marry someone . . . anyone . . . other than Matthew. But she doesn't count on Matthew's unexpected charm . . . or the blazing sensuality that soon flares beyond both their control. And Daisy discovers that the man she has always hated just might turn out to be the man of her dreams.

But right at the moment of sweet surrender, a scandalous secret is uncovered . . . one that could destroy both Matthew and a love more passionate and irresistible than Daisy's wildest fantasies. - via GoodReads

4 Stars

Daisy Bowman is the last of the wallflowers to find wedded bliss. Her father, Thomas Bowman, is tired of spending money on gowns, balls, and everything needed to land Daisy a titled husband. Thomas hands down an ultimatum to Daisy; find the husband she wants to marry by the end of May or marry his choice: Matthew Swift.

Daisy can’t imagine being married to her father’s right hand man. What she knows about Matthew she doesn’t like. Matthew is dependable and Thomas holds him in high esteem. Surely this means that Matthew must be a lot like Thomas. As time passes, Daisy learns she could be wrong.

Matthew has much to gain by marrying Daisy. He will gain the company when Thomas passes, but more importantly he has the opportunity he never thought possible. Matthew has loved Daisy for years from a safe distance. He knows he can’t ever get close to Daisy; his past could catch up with him any time and he wouldn’t want to taint her life that way. Can these two work through so much to find true love in the end?

I was very much looking forward to Daisy’s story and I wasn’t disappointed. Daisy is a strong character and we get to visit Annabelle, Lillian and Evie again. Matthew’s past is not as terrible as it is made out to be. Overall, Scandal in Spring is a delightful trip back to England. The Wallflower series is a good one and I’m sad to know that there is only one more story to read after this.



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    Much Success,Stephanie.and Lisa..I never know what Romance Novel to chose,this will be a Huge help…Thanks SusanVtc…

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