Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner *Stephanie’s Review*



“The rules of attraction are about to be broken in the first book of the Blood Rose Trilogy. This winning new novel depicts the unpredictable West, and the men and women who brought it to life – against all odds…”

Jessica Thornton has been through hell and back. She has crossed an ocean and put up with intolerable circumstances to escape the past that haunts her even all the way from England. Even after enduring the most degrading act any woman can ever go through, she remains strong and refuses to give in to the one man she fears most. All her life men have failed Jessica; her father, her brother, and now her sister’s husband. She is traveling through New Mexico Territory on her way to find her brother in the hopes that he can help her with her unfortunate circumstances. What she didn’t bargain for was a man who would change absolutely every facet of her life.

Brady Wilkins has depended on himself for all of his life. While his father was in the war, Brady was the man of the house and RosaRoja, the family ranch. RosaRoja brings with it plenty of beauty but also demands much in return. A blood feud has taken several members of Brady’s family. Sometimes Brady wonders if the price is too high. Brady takes on a lot of responsibilities and a lot of guilt that he feels is his to bear. When he encounters Jessica for the first time, he takes quite a nasty hit. From first impressions, he doesn’t expect he has found a woman who will stick with him through thick and thin. Not that it matters much anyway because Brady tries not to let too many people past his barricades.

Jessica and Brady’s relationship is awkward in the beginning. After all, they both have personal issues that they have to work past. Brady wants to protect Jessica and Jessica wants to be his. Time together changes things and they both learn to trust each other but can their love last in the harsh West?

Wow. Really, that was all I could think for a good 20 minutes after I had finished this book. From page 1, Kaki Warner grabs your attention and she doesn’t let up. I found myself laughing out loud with her characters and crying for their hurts. I held my breath through several of the intense parts wondering what was going to happen. This book was “unputdownable” from start to finish. Jessica and Brady and the RosaRoja are so real to me, I feel like I can go and stay for a visit. I cannot recommend this book enough and as my copy is a library copy, I’m going to have to go out and buy a copy so I can specifically have it on my keeper shelf and of course to lend to my mother! I am eagerly anticipating Hank’s story which comes out in June!

3 responses to “Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. Stephanie,After reading your comments over at RT, I had to get this book. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed. I thought the author did a good job in showing how life was back then. I can't wait to read Hank's story either. In fact I pre-ordered it already.Your review is right on.


  2. Stumbled upon your blog while reading reviews about this book.

    Just wanted to let you know that the way you formatted your website is very attractive (love your banner), clean and easy to navigate (which is nice for computer-challenged people like myself).

    Totally agree with you about how Kaki Warner made her characters so memorable, they stayed with you. Great review!


    1. Why thank you Vonda!! I’m trying to go for an uncluttered look. 🙂

      This whole series is fantastic and I need to continue with Kaki’s backlist. 🙂


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