January 2018 Wrap Up

I’m borrowing Lauren’s (Bookmark Lit) format to do my monthly check ins. This girl has her numbers down to a T and I adore her for it! I can’t wait to see what my numbers look like by the end of this year! 7 Books Read in January 7 new reads | 0 re-reads | 0 DNF 2,766 pages read, including 1,010 minutes of audio […]

The Fire Queen by Emily R. King *Alexa’s Review*

I really highly enjoyed The Hundredth Queen and I could not wait to dive into the sequel. I started the sequel with high hopes and I have to say that during my first read of the book I stopped about 70 to 80 pages in because I just felt like the book had hit a huge road block and I lost interest. I decided a […]

Discussion: Do You Eat While You Read?

I am a multi-tasker to the core. I’ll save you some reading time: totally eat while I read. I will eat while I read no matter the format. I’ve done it my entire life. The advent of (and my obsession with) ebooks has made this so much easier! Sometimes the mention of food in a book will make me start to crave good food. It’s […]

Alexa’s January Wrap Up

My main reading goal for 2018 is to make it a habit to try to read 30 minutes/30 pages every day. I initially wanted to do it by time but that is harder for me to track since I read in various places throughout the day. I decided that keeping track of pages was an easier way to do this goal. The Books: ~I started […]