Foodie Friday: Turkey Roll Ups

I LOVE to cook! I also love to eat. Recently I joined Weight Watchers and found that food could still be delicious even if it was on a *shudders* diet. I decided that I wanted to share some of the awesome recipes that I have found and tried with you. Books and food often go hand in hand (but NEVER in the same hand!) Each […]

Stephanie’s May 2017 Book Report

Beginning Balance May 2017: $0.00 spent What I Hope to Accomplish Pretty simple: Be mindful of what I’m spending my money on. I buy SO many books and then don’t ever read them. I’ve budgeted a certain amount of money per month for fun things. This however includes my stitching and knitting hobbies. It will also include anything extra that isn’t in my budget. Starting […]

Finding You by Jo Watson *Stephanie’s Review*

Once I actually started traveling I wanted to read more outside of the area/country that I live in. Finding You by Jo Watson nicely fit into this goal. Plus a contemporary romance set in Greece? What’s not to love? I’m not going to lie it took me awhile to get into Finding You. I had a hard time connecting to Jane at first. She goes […]

Task It Tuesday {5/30/17}

Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading Long Term Goal Check In: Finish my ebook purchases spreadsheet Create/update(?) my books read spreadsheet Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one Delete my GoodReads shelves (with the exception of my read and wish list shelves) Put my ebooks into GoodReads Put my physical books into GoodReads Get reviews done for UBB Reformat old […]

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo *Alexa’s Review*

I finally decided it was time to dive into the Six of Crows world that so many seem to love. When I first started this book I wasn’t very far into it before I started to love all of the characters. Kaz most of all. Kaz just has this energy and persona that draws you in. I love how he is a fighter with his […]