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Hush, Hush Becca Fitzpatrick *Alexa’s Review*

Well I have to say first off I love this cover, have loved it ever since it first came out about a year ago. For some insane reason I never bothered to pick up this book until Barnes and Noble was offering up ARCs of Crescendo for a Sneak Peak. Well let me tell you I was missing out all this time! This story is […]

The Echo of Violence by Jordan Dane *Lisa’s Review*

Jackson Kincaid is spending the rare night off from his dangerous and illegal occupation to spend the evening with Sister Kate at her charity function for a struggling school in Haiti. Jackson’s attendance is warranted because he is the mysterious American donor that everyone has been dying to meet. Suddenly, a terrorist group blazes in killing innocent bystanders and taking over a dozen attendees hostage. […]

Spinning Out of Control by Vickie McDonough *Stephanie’s Review*

Amy Rogers is destitute after paying off her negligent father’s gambling debts. Amy’s father was barely around while he was alive and she’d rather not remember the times that he was home. Almost penniless and alone, Amy seeks out her cousin, hoping Kathryn will have the heart and space to take her in. Amy arrives to find herself in another nightmare. Kathryn is in labor […]