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Discussion: Blogging Slumps

We all have them. It creeps into your subconscious and you don’t realize you’re there until you are stuck in the throes of it. It has claws and it doesn’t take much for them to work those claws into you. You’d think I’m describing some monster. I’m not. I’m talking about blogging slumps. I have been locked in the grips of a great blogging slump […]

Discussion: Reading Life After ARCs

January 1st, 2015 is a day that I will always associate with a sort of freedom. You see, I had decided that I wanted to try going without accepting any form of review request. That meant no NetGalley, no Edelweiss, no blog tours, and no physical ARCs from an author or publisher source. There were a few times that I really was tempted to let […]

Discussion: The Value of the Written Word

This was actually supposed to be my ALA MidWinter was awesome; here’s the great time and experiences I had but another idea struck me and I feel like I have to get it out or I’ll burst. Unfortunately, I already know that I don’t have the answers. I also am already wondering what the point of my post is going to be as there isn’t […]

Discussion: Why Do You Read?

I’m sure I’m not the only reader who gets asked “Why do you read?”. Thankfully, this question seems to be asked with genuine interest. Sometimes it is asked rudely; as if the person asking cannot possibly see the value in it. I think that perhaps this question is centuries old. We’re a passionate bunch, us readers. We feel like if we express it just the […]

Discussion: My Trouble with YA Trilogies

Here’s the situation: You pick up the first book because every book blogger seems to be losing their minds over how fantabu-freaking-tastic it is. If you’re like me, you go to the library so you’re not out any money. If it’s not your cuppa. Once you’re at home and you’ve cracked the spine the pages start flying. Before you know it the book is done. […]