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Discussion: Lessons from a Precautionary Tale

This is the fourth time that I’ve sat down to try and type this message out. The first time was written in outrage, the second in fear, and the third in an independent but still somewhat angry way. It seems that my thoughts on this subject float from day to day. I’m hoping that this time the way that I feel can work its way […]

Discussion: My Blogging Goals

Over the past few months my goals for blogging and reading have shifted a bit. I wouldn’t say that my focus has changed but rather it has sharpened. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for lists so here we go! I want to read more of my books. This sounds like more of a reading goal but it effects my blogging because […]

Discussion: Do You Accept Review Requests?

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty good about Once Upon a Chapter. I’ve participated in a few blog tours, one book blitz, and been in touch with a few of the “big” publishers. My 4th blogoversary came and went in April and I didn’t do much for it. Truth is I forgot! After all this time receiving review requests almost seems like validation…but even with a […]

Discussion: EBook VS Physical – A Tired Debate {Physical}

Want to see me go bug-eyed crazy in about three seconds? Say these words: “Real books or ebooks?” This is such a tired debate. In fact I wouldn’t call it a debate so much as two groups of people yelling unintelligible things at each other. A debate would indicate discussion and both sides listening. I don’t understand this all or nothing mentality so this week […]