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Discussion: How Do you Write Your Reviews?

Today I’m trying to discover how you go about writing your reviews. I usually spend a paragraph going over how I obtained the book and why I read it, a paragraph on my reaction to the book and have a conclusion on if I thought the book was worth the time investment or not. I try to write the review shortly after finishing a book […]

Discussion: My Dirty Little Secret

I like nice books and I cannot lie you other bloggers can’t deny that when a book comes in with a little bit a wear and a spine that has been creased you get wrung; want to pull out stuff ’cause you noticed that book was rough deep in the book repairin’ I’m pissed and I can’t stop swearin’ Oh baby I’m gonna fix ya […]

Discussion: Book Budgeting

June will be the start of something new for me: a book budget that I have to stick to. To say that my TBR is ridiculous is an understatement I have my own miniature library in physical books and the same amount again on my Kindle. I’m not going to stop buying books. When I try it never works. I’ve decided to try and work […]

Discussion: Where Do You Get Your Books?

It’s no secret I have a book buying addiction. Book buying is my Achilles’ heel in the finance world. I do it when I’m bored, when I need a pick me up, and most of the time just because. I’ve managed to garner a lot of skills over time. Books-a-Million – have Millionaire card. Best bargain section ever. Barnes & Noble – Barnes & Noble […]

Discussion: How Do You Choose What to Read Next?

Today we tackle the sometimes anxiety inducing question of what to read next. I’m forever changing how I pick what to read next. I make lists and then ignore them. I make nice little stacks of books and then ignore them. I have found a system that works! I’m more of a mood reader then I care to admit. Step 1: Do I have a […]