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How I Whipped My Blogging Self Into Shape

I think anyone who has blogged long term knows it isn’t easy. Blogging is a labor of love. We do it for a variety of reasons and because we’re passionate. I fell out of love with blogging and then was bitten viciously by the blogging bug again in April. I started small; copying and pasting one month’s worth of a meme and a review. The […]

How I Started Once Upon a Chapter

During ALA 2017 in Chicago it came up in conversation how each of us started our blogs. I thought it would be fun to discuss it here. Back in 2010 I was very active on the RT Book Reviews forums. I had several good friends there. I also met Once Upon a Chapter’s co-founder, Lisa, there. We started messaging back and forth, then emailing back […]

Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

This discussion post came to me when I was updating my blog roll. I had to remove 25% (admittedly that’s only 5) of my blog roll links due to inactivity. This made me inexplicably sad and I thought it worthy of a discussion post. I remember when I started blogging in 2010 there were SO many blogs. Even then a large amount of them were […]

2017 Halfway Point Check-In

It’s July so that means we are now halfway through the year. I enjoy statistics so I’ve put together a few numbers: I’ve read 24 books 16 of those were in ebook format 8 of those were in physical format 4 of them were ARCs 5 of them were library books I’ve rated 6 books 5 stars I’ve rated 10 books 4 stars I’ve rated […]

Discussion: ALA Annual Conference 2017 & Chicago Recap

I swear my post on My Blogging Truths made a big impact on my enjoyment of the 2017 American Library Association Annual Conference. I was able to walk around, enjoy myself, be confident of who I was, unintimidated by talking to publishers/librarians, and be selective of what I picked up. This is my second time staying in Chicago. I think that helped too. The first […]