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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead *Alexa’s Review*

I finally finished this series! Now I want more… THIS IS THE LAST BOOK IN A SIX BOOK SERIES… SPOILERS AHEAD I have really liked the overall journey in this series and the growth of Rose has been exceptional. I have to say this story is a little hard to read at times because it is a long book and it does get a little […]

The Fire Queen by Emily R. King *Alexa’s Review*

I really highly enjoyed The Hundredth Queen and I could not wait to dive into the sequel. I started the sequel with high hopes and I have to say that during my first read of the book I stopped about 70 to 80 pages in because I just felt like the book had hit a huge road block and I lost interest. I decided a […]

Alexa’s January Wrap Up

My main reading goal for 2018 is to make it a habit to try to read 30 minutes/30 pages every day. I initially wanted to do it by time but that is harder for me to track since I read in various places throughout the day. I decided that keeping track of pages was an easier way to do this goal. The Books: ~I started […]

Alexa’s 24in48 Readathon Updates

I have participated in this readathon once before and I really enjoyed it then because it is easier to fit in 24 hours of reading when you spread it out over 48 hours. My goal was to try to hit as close to 24 hours as possible but I have woken up with what I believe is the beginnings of a cold. So I might […]