Discussion: Do You Return Books to the Library Unread?

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I always find other readers’ habits fascinating and I love to read about them. Mainly to see if there is anyway to make my reading/blogging time more efficient. I never really thought much about today’s question until I read a few posts and tweets about the topic. Now I’m burning with curiosity about other people’s library habits.

Do you return books to your library unread?

Confession: I use my library when I have the urge to blow a lot of cash on books. One click ordering has really sharpened that impulse buy and a lot of times when I’m feeling that, almost destructive, feeling I’ll do one of two things (or sometimes both): search out freebie Kindle books or go to the library and browse.

Browsing at the library always makes me feel better about life. If I’m having a particularly stressful time I’ll swing through the library on my lunch break and just browse. A lot of times I’ll pick up a book or two or six. I’ve always been overly optimistic about how much I can realistically read in three weeks (my library’s loan period). I average about a book read a week. I’m totally fine with this but that means when I walk out with six books the likelihood is that I’ll only read three before they’re due back. Of course there’s always renewing but that isn’t always guaranteed.

I used to feel bad about checking out books and not reading them before I send them back. There’s probably another soul out there who wants to read this book and I have it and won’t be able to read it. *hangs head in guilt* BUT you kind of know going in that there may be a wait for Book X and you’re willing to wait because that means not paying Amazon, B&N, or your local bookstore for the book. You’d rather just borrow it. I didn’t know this until I worked at a library so I’ll share it with you: grants can be secured based on the number of materials loaned out. Even if you didn’t read that book it may have helped to boost your libraries numbers.



6 Responses to “Discussion: Do You Return Books to the Library Unread?”

  1. Lover Of Romance

    Great post you have here. I just love going to the library and there have been times that I have grabbed a book but didn’t get to it, or forgot to read it and then its due and I am like “CRAPOLA” hehe Most of the time though I try to read what I get from the library. Although when I finish my group of books, I return them as quickly as I can. Because I worry that others are waiting on them. Good to know that when we check out books, it helps the library in the long run.

  2. Liz

    I haven’t used the library in forever, courtesy of paranoia regarding but allergies (all it took was once), but this is interesting info! I do contemplate trying out libraries again here and there, because I can’t always afford to buy books (especially the new ones), but I worried about checking out books and not actually getting around to reading them. I guess the library would at least benefit in some way even in that regard!

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