Ladies Behind the Blog: Alexa’s 2017 Year So Far

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Long time no see.

I have been absent a lot so far from the blog in 2017 and I don’t know why I have let it fall to the way side of my life. I suppose I’ve been busy now that I have two jobs instead of the one I had in 2016. So I tend to work 12 day shifts in a row with 5 of those nights also having to take call. This means there are some days of the 12 that I hardly sleep because I keep getting called back to work all night long after working an 8 hour shift at my other job. This means that when I am home on these 12 day stretches that I like to take naps and try to sleep more than I try to read.

I have started to feel that my life is very wrapped up in working and working instead of enjoying my free time. I feel most alive when I have a weekend off from my second job and get to travel to see my family and friends. I also love just spending a weekend at home with my husband, Johnny. It has also been great to take little vacations here and there and I’m looking forward to June when I will be traveling to Chicago to meet up with Stephanie and her husband for ALA!

Even though I have been busy I have managed to read a total of 20 books so far this year. I think that is fantastic and I’m happy with what I have managed to read so far. I suppose that lately when I read a book I just want to jump into the next if I still have time and that has kept me from opening up the blog and posting a review. I’m going to try to get better about this and post more reviews as well as videos of hauls and tbr piles. I do miss being around here and I want to talk about books with the community again. I’m going to try to go back and write reviews for some of the books I’ve more recently read and go forward writing reviews for the books I am just diving into.

How has your year been so far?



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