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Lately I’ve been feeling pretty good about Once Upon a Chapter. I’ve participated in a few blog tours, one book blitz, and been in touch with a few of the “big” publishers. My 4th blogoversary came and went in April and I didn’t do much for it. Truth is I forgot! After all this time receiving review requests almost seems like validation…but even with a very small amount of requests I feel overwhelmed and miss reading without a schedule.

Please understand I am not complaining about this. 🙂 Rather I’m asking how you handle review requests. Do you take them? If so, do you only use a percentage of your time for review books? If you don’t take review requests do you feel this has a negative impact on your blog?



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    • Stephanie

      I’m thinking that it isn’t going to negatively affect my blogging if I slim down the amount of review requests I take. It isn’t something I take into consideration when looking at blogs. I’m not sure why I think it matters to my blog viewership when it’s not something I think about when visiting other blogs.

  1. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories

    I do accept review requests because I love finding books outside the mainstream and bringing them to my readers attention. It doesn’t work so well when I don’t like the review book because I reaaaallly don’t like writing negative reviews. I think maybe it impacts my blog because people don’t click on it if they don’t recognize the title. It seems I get way more comments on the ones people have already read.

    • Stephanie

      I’m the same way about negative reviews. I HATE going through the process of sending a negative review for a review book. I know that I don’t normally comment on a review if I’ve not heard of the book before. If I see a book that I’ve read I will no doubt comment on the review. I love seeing the opinion of someone else on a book I’ve read.

  2. Faye @ The Social Potato

    I rarely accept review requests now. I mainly get ones for indie published, and ones who clearly didn’t read our policy, and even ones that were obviously copy pasted as the header wasn’t even addressed to me! And I agree with Tanya – more comments on reviews of books that are already published. More people seem to have a lot more to say about those because they’re familiar with them already.

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    • Stephanie

      Wow! I’ve had a number of them who haven’t read the review policy but that doesn’t really surprise me. I’m guessing the motto is “You never know until you ask.” Copy and pasting is a different story. I do it a lot but proofread before you hit that send button! I definitely agree with the fact that you get more comments on books people know. If they’ve read the book, they have a lot more to contribute to the conversation.

  3. Ashley

    I actually don’t accept review requests at all, and I haven’t for over a year. Long ago I realized that I didn’t want to be pitched to, because I had yet to actually find a book I LIKED in all those pitches. Instead, I want to be the person requesting the books myself. That way I’M doing the discovery and I’M deciding which ones I want to read. It just works a lot better for me than getting random pitches and requests from other people, 99% of which haven’t read my review policy.

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    • Stephanie

      I completely see your point. I’ve never really thought of it that way. I’m thinking that I’m going to be adopting this practice. I am thinking that even if I really want to read a book, I can always get it from the library. It’s still free and then I have no time constraints. I just get SUCH an ego stroke when it’s a Big 6 publisher that I can’t help but say yes! Lol.

  4. Charleen

    I’ve never accepted requests; I’ve just never seen the point. There are already so many books I want to read, and NetGalley gives me access to even more (some books that I’m already excited about, some potential gems that I’ve never heard of). There will always be some amount of uncertainty, but I agree with Ashley, I want to be the one in control.

    • Stephanie

      That’s my problem! I have so many books I want to read but my review requests are taking all the reading time. I’m really going to need to become more selective or I’ll never get my own TBR pile down.

  5. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

    First thing… I LOVEEEE your blog design, it’s gorgeous 🙂

    I do take review requests, but very selectively lately. I normally always accept review requests from authors I have previously worked with but with new authors I’m a little more selective. The summary really has to catch me or seem unique for me want to consider it. Not accepting doesn’t have a negative impact on my blog though (from what I can see haha). Right now because I’m trying to play catchup, nearly all my reading time is devoted to review copies :/ (Whether it be arcs or requests) … 2015 I am definitely taking a break from them!!!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you!! I hired the lovely Ashley from Creative Whim to design it for me. I love it too. 😀

      I do agree about working with authors I’ve previously worked with. More than likely I’m going to be reading their work anyway so I may as well help them out! Right now I have 6 books to read via requests and we’ll see where I go from there. 🙂

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